Ubuntu 16.04 (Linux) Saved My Dell Venue Pro 7130

Ubuntu 16.04 (Linux) Saved My Dell Venue Pro 7130

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What Was Wrong?

I have this Dell Venue Pro 7130, it's not all that new but, it has some nice specs. The problem is the drive... it's an early version of eMMC and you can tell. It had Windows 10 installed, before that it had 8.1. Both ran like crap. The OS would run fine, then all of a sudden the entire thing would become unresponsive. It's not that it couldn't run the software I was trying to run, it has 8GB of RAM and an i5 CPU. It could run the OS and some VMs. But it would still freeze for 1min-3mins. I just lived with it for a while. Then I remembered Ubuntu 16.04 was coming out and I wanted to try that. I've used Linux and Windows since high school. I prefer Fedora but, I don't mine Ubuntu since it was my first Linux distro. I make fun of people sometimes for using it but, it's all in fun. So I held out until the final release.

The Install

With this thing being some special build from Dell, it's a laptop/tablet hybrid, I didn't think it would work very well. Yeah, Linux has come a long way and hardware support isn't too much of an issue but, it's such a niche device I didn't think Linux would really run on it, or at least have a bunch of issues. It didn't, well, it had one issue. The wireless would stop working if you made the computer go to sleep and bring it back up. That's not much of a problem for me, I hibernate the thing. I don't like putting my laptop to sleep, it kills battery. These things aren't like tablets, their sleep isn't as good. So, that's not even an issue for me. When I started the live environment up in Ubuntu 16.04 it ran great, and looked amazing.

It Runs Better In Linux

After I installed Ubuntu 16.04 I was waiting to run into the same issues I had on Windows, or some other bugs I didn't see when I ran it in the live environment... I didn't. Other than the wireless issue when resuming from sleep I mentioned earlier it has been great. Again, I don't even run into the problem because I have the system setup to hibernate when closing the lid. It runs so fast that I don't even notice it resuming from hibernation. It's a slower eMMC; however, it runs as if it's an SSD. The display is also amazing. Yeah, Windows could do the 1080p but, this looks great. The UI looks amazing on this screen. I know that's all personal opinion but, I showed others in my house and they agreed. I'm not a big fan of Unity but, this looks good.

What I Installed

After installing Ubuntu 16.04 I installed Numix, love this GTK theme. I also installed:

  • Unity Tweak Tool
  • Nylas N1
  • Google Chrome
  • GNOME Boxes
  • Atom
  • FFmpeg
  • Eclipse
  • and a bunch of other things.

    So far I really like this build of Ubuntu. Specifically running on this computer. I no longer run into the freezing issues I did on Windows, and it looks and runs amazingly. I can run my VMs, work on programming/scripting projects, work on my website and lots of other things. The battery life is great, that's also because it has two batteries. If you have this thing, or any older machine really, that runs poorly in Windows I would suggest giving Ubuntu 16.04 a try.

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