Found Xbox One Games On My Windows 10 PC

Found Xbox One Games On My Windows 10 PC

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Windows Insiders Program

I decided to join my main computer into the Windows Insiders program so that I could see what new features and UI we will be getting with the Red Stone build that will be coming out next month. I could have just waited a month but, I wanted it now. After joining my machine to the Insider Program I had so many problems that I had to do a clean reinstall… Explorer would freeze and lockup the system and I couldn’t do anything after logging in, maybe I’ll write about that sometime.

Windows Store

I looked around the system and wanted to see the new store too. So, I opened up the store app and looked at the new layout and the additional settings for a while. Then I looked in the “My Library” section… to my surprise I found some Xbox One games that I had purchased. All, except Battlefield 4, are digital, so my entire selection shows up.

PC Gaming

This was great news because the PC is supposed to get Xbox exclusives from here on, maybe they’ll bring the back catalog too. Not all my games are compatible with my device, as you’ll see in the screenshots below; however, I can see those purchases. I can’t install any of the games at this time, I get an error when I try, but it’s cool to see the support PC gaming will be getting. This makes my favorite platform that much better. Hopefully it will not be like Games for Windows… that was tragic.

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