I Purchased A MacBook Pro and Returned It

I Purchased A MacBook Pro and Returned It

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Why Would I Buy One?

I was looking for a new laptop because the laptop I had was starting to give me problems. Not big problems, just enough to bother me. The laptop’s battery was starting to die faster; I’d only get ~1.5 hours. The laptop would also start getting too hot, it would become too uncomfortable when using it. The laptop was great when I got it. It has 8GB or RAM, i7 processor, Intel and GTX 610M 2GB, and a nice 250GB SSD for great performance. But it’s starting to show its age. So I wanted something new, also wanted to try this whole Mac thing out since I have an iPhone.

What Did I Get?

I went to CowBoom, sucks that it’s closed down now. I got a pretty good deal on a MacBook Pro. I don’t remember exactly what model it was… Apple doesn’t make it easy to find for someone that’s new to the Mac world. I looked online and it wasn’t that easy to put their chart together to find mine. I just know it had 8GB of RAM, Thunderbolt, i5, 15”, Intel HD 5000, 250GB SSD. It wasn’t the newest version, but it was pretty close. It was so slim and sleek. The Retina display looked very good. I really liked the build quality, I have to say that I haven’t had something with that quality before. I don’t know if it was ~$840 nice.

What Did I Like?

I mentioned before that I did like the build quality. Apple does such a good job with building their devices. I like the build of my iPhone and the MacBook. The laptop ran pretty fast because of the SSD and OS X runs very well on their hardware; it’s so closely married to it. The ascetics of OS X was pretty nice, I like the flat design they’re going for; although, I like material design a little better.

What Didn't I Like About It?

The price for the specs wasn’t worth it. Yeah, the build was nice, but the specs left me wanting a lot more for what I paid. After I purchased it I went online to see what other machines I could have gotten for that price… I instantly developed buyer’s remorse. I should have just purchased a Windows machine, then if I wanted I could have just installed Linux (Fedora). The laptop struggled to play Minecraft, and my older laptop had no problem playing that; I bought the old laptop for ~$650 years ago. I didn’t buy the laptop for gaming, but it should at least be able to do something like that, at least perform better than the older laptop. The MacBook also got hot… something I found annoying with the old laptop, but this thing felt hotter because it’s metal. The old laptop had a mixture of plastic and metal.

So What Now?

Now I’m back on my old laptop. It’s running fine for right now; plus, I can play games like Minecraft and Cities Skylines with no problem. Yeah, the battery life isn’t all that good, but worth it for the performance I have now. I will stick with this laptop until it doesn’t work anymore. I might have jumped the gun on getting a new laptop, I can wait. This laptop may not have the best battery, it may also get hot; however, I will deal with that for now. This was my first big laptop purchase, and I’m glad it’s lasted this long. It’s almost thin enough to be considered an Ultrabook. I will try disconnecting the CD/DVD drive to get more battery life because I NEVER use CD/DVD on my laptop.

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