Moved Back To Ubuntu On My Desktop

Moved Back To Ubuntu On My Desktop

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I still like Fedora

Let me start by saying I still like Fedora, but there's one thing I don't like... the upgrade process from one version of Fedora to the next. I don't even have issues with doing updates, and I like a lot of the packages included with Fedora i.e, the inclusion SELinux.

Then Why?

My desktop and laptop were on Fedora 22, then Fedora 23 came out. I upgraded my laptop with no problems, the whole process was smooth, it was pretty much no different than doing a dnf update; with the exception of accepting new GPG keys. I waited a couple weeks before moving my desktop as it needs to be stable and just work. If something happened to my laptop it's not as big of a deal, but not my desktop.

So a couple of weeks go by and I finally decide to upgrade to the new version, I like to wait for packages to mature with the new version and for repositories to get updated to support the new version. Well, I still had problems... to the point gdm wouldn't load. I have so many packages installed on my main desktop because I do a lot. I like programming, scripting, Docker, virtual machines, editing my website, games and a bunch of other things. It took me a while to get it fixed... but I didn't want to go back through that pain again, so I just decided I would just run a slower distro... yeah Fedora isn't rolling, but it's between rolling and stable. It's not unstable, but it's upgrades aren't trust worthy like Ubuntu.

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