My Opinions About Halo 5

My Opinions About Halo 5

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I played and beat Halo 5 last week, and I've been talking to other people that also beat it, and it seems we majority agree that this title was shorter. I typically play Halo games on normal the first play through, and then if I like the story (which I typically do) I'll go back through and play the story again. I've played them all, except the RTS Halo Wars, and this one definitely feels like a shorter story, I beat the game in ~4 hours.

Now, you can say the story would be longer if you played at a higher difficulty, and I've heard this from some people, but that's irreverent. If I set the difficulty on normal on 5 games and the 5th game is shorter… then the story is shorter. Setting the difficulty to a high level would of course make the game longer, but that's not the same thing, which is weird because this game was supposed to be harder… so in reality compared to Halo 4 it would have been less than 4 hours relative to the story. Turning the difficulty just makes the enemies harder, that's not making the story longer.

They skipped a LOT of detail in the story, they could have made the game much longer by explaining things, and not making the story turn on a dime. Introducing the characters of Blue Team and not just assume everyone that plays the game(s) know who they are could have really added to the story time, if you're just playing the game and going out to read the books you just played an entire game not knowing who Blue Team is or where they came from; you play most of the game as a character you don't even know.

Not to mention Fireteam Osiris… they just threw them into the game, I felt nothing for those characters. They didn't cover Master Cheif's team very well. Yeah you can go out and read about the fireteam… but that's the purpose of the story in your game. I can understand if the story was too long and they needed to drop some details, but the story was short and they could have added so much more. How do you go from Halo 4 where Master Cheif has been alone with Cortana for the most part and now he has an entire team… what?? Again, you can go out and read this material but there's plenty of space where they could have added more explanation. Not everyone that plays Halo goes out to read the books, that's just as bad as Destiny Grimoire Cards because they didn't have time to add more story to the game so they allow you to go online to read the story… that's what I'm playing your game for… the story, most Halo gamers learn the story through the games.

There's ONE dialog on an elivator where you learn that Master Cheif's team (Fireteam Osiris) grew up and trained together… that's it, a short little dialog.

Cortana is the bad girl now… she somehow fixed the rampancy problem, they don't really go into much more detail with that, so I don't really know what to say. But maybe she found some advance AI library and included the header files into her OS and found away to tie into the APIs lol. Not exactly sure why she's bad now, they don't really explain that either, maybe she's just misguided, but because they don't explain what happened we don't know… if they gave us a cutscene at the beginning of the game showing her finding the place and fixing the rampancy then we'd know.

The graphics are good, nice scenery, granted you're not looking out for miles most of the time so the draw distance is pretty short for th most part. Yeah there's some scenes where it looks like you're looking out for miles but the details are small so you don't have to render much for that. As I was walking around I could see items pop in, this was probably done for keeping the framerate steady. These graphics looked good, but nothing mind blowing, nothing I haven't seen before. Granted I play on PC a lot, so I have a higher standard for graphics.

No split-screen coop… that's one of my biggest problems. I have played all of the Halo games split-screen with my friends and family, when I heard that I was honestly thinking about not even getting the game. I'm not going to go out and buy another Xbox One and game just to play coop with my family.

The game feels good, it's not all bad. I know for the most part it has been complaining, but I honestly was disappointed about this new installment in the Halo series. I really like Halo, one of the few Xbox first-party games that I really enjoy. This seems like an interesting turn in the Halo series, with a whole new enemy… but they really could have done a MUCH better job with the story, almost like they pulled a Destiny with the story, I mean it wasn't that bad, but it felt like it in some parts.

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