CISA (S. 754) Bill Being Voted On

CISA (S. 754) Bill Being Voted On

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I'm not sure if everyone is aware, there is a bill called CISA going through congress right now. Today Senate moved ahead with CISA, and nixed Rand Paul's amendment to make companies liable for the data they disclouse, the measure only got 32 votes.

A vote of 83-14 to end debate on a bundle of amendments to the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) went through the Senate on Thursday. The controversial bill would provide incentives for companies to share user data with the federal government.

You can see the bill here from the Congress website:

CISA Bill to the PDF!

22 of the worlds top technology companies are against this new bill, that's not to say what they want is in everyones best intrest, however, I thought I'd mention that. Here is a list of some companies for and against it from

This bill was moved ahead by the senate today (20151022), so if you're against this bill you should contact your senators:

What this bill will do

The bill would allow private industry to share user information with the Department of Homeland Security, which would be compelled to share it across “relevant government agencies”, presumably including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National Security Agency (NSA). The bill has been touted by its supporters, notably the US Chamber of Commerce, as entirely voluntary, but in fact, as Wired points out, other such “voluntary” programs mandate the kind of data reported and the frequency of the reports.

This bill ultimately comes down to privacy. Right now private industry owns the backbone of the Internet, and majority of the mediums we use to communicate. Parts of the government would like to use this to servile, because they don't have outreach private industry has they would then use private industry to get data they want... this being voluntary to private industry, however, some people reference other voluntary programs that mandate the kind of data and how often the government gets that data.

I'm not taking a side, I have a side on this, but I just want to give the facts. I'll let others decide for themselves.


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