Happy Birthday Ubuntu 11 years (2004-2015)

Happy Birthday Ubuntu 11 years (2004-2015)

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Today-- well yeasterday-- is Ubuntu's birthday... give me a break, I've been busy lol. Ubuntu has turned 11... yesterday. They launched back in 2004, and looking at the screen shots I see a lot of brown, don't really see that anymore; I like the new color MUCH better, looks brighter, not depressing lol.

I remember when I first got into Ubuntu, it was version 9.04 and I was in high school. I was in my RCTC program, it was a CST (computer systems technology) class; I really liked that class. But when we were learning how computers worked I got my first taste of Linux, and I liked it. I didn't make it my main system, I stayed on Windows; however, I really liked the OS. I didn't really understand how the OS worked to make he move, plus I needed my Sims, Sim City and Command and Conquer games. I didn't know about Wine, nor do I know if that would have worked.

I like an image OMGUbuntu has. If you don't know about this site and you want to know more about Ubuntu, or just Linux, I would highly suggest checking the site out... yeah, I'm using their image. I hope they don't mind lol...

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