Happy Back To The Future Day

Happy Back To The Future Day

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So I'm on time for this, I really enjoyed this series... as did a lot of other people. I really really really enjoyed watching McFly and Doc Brown go through time trying to fix things, just to have something else go wrong. These films were before my time, I was born in '91, so I didn't really see it until much later... but I still REALLY enjoyed the movies.

It's a little exciting to watch movies trying to predict the future... sometimes. What I like about these films is that yeah, they had some hit and miss predictions, but they didn't go overboard. They actually got somethings right. Things like big screen TV's, virtual-reality goggles and the VistaGlide>. Granted that's not a LOT of things, it's still pretty cool. I get that same giddy feeling when I see some technology from a show/movie I liked, like: Star Wars, Stargate and especially Star Trek... but today isn't about those shows lol.

But everyone should go check out the film if you haven't seen it, it's a great series, and honestly still holds up. The effects might not be as good as now, but the story stands on its own, and the effects don't take you out of the movie. There's just three movies, running ~2 hours. You can relax in the TV room and enjoy ~6 hours of your day with a great series that you won't regret, that is if you like a good story... don't think about the time travel too much... it's a movie lol.

If you wan't it you can get it you can get it from iTunes, Amazon, and I'm sure others. You're looking at renting for about 2.99-3.99 per movie. Or get the trilogy for $29 on iTunes. If you're an Amazon Prime user you can watch it for free. All of this is at the time that I've checked, which is 20151021 at 1am.

Happy, Back, To, The, Future, Day