A World Without Linux

A World Without Linux

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The Linux Fondation released two videos so far trying to show the common folk what a world without Linux would be like. I saw them when they first came out, I've just been lazy to post anything on her recently. I like the videos, however, they're also kind of lame. It's cool that they're trying to make more people aware of the importance of Linux, but the videos are kind of lame. They don't really get the message to the user that if you took Linux away today what exectly would the world be like.

So here's the first video:

Here's the second video:

So as you can see they pretty much say you wouldn't be able to use the Internet or the World Wide Web (WWW). Granted some of our root DNS servers use Linux, not all are Linux-- at least that's what I learned in my networking and security class. They don't really do a good job at showing common people that without Linux the technology you rely on would be hugly impacted. Even if you're using a Windows device, at some point it's going through some type of Linux device; sometimes that's your home router, or a Linux web page.

I'm not trying to say this is a bad video and they should take it down, they just didn't really cover how, how was Linux being removed making their world that difficult.

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