Replace Windows Desktop With PowerShell

Replace Windows Desktop With PowerShell

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I know it sounds weird, but it's actually not that bad. From someone that likes Linux because of how lightweight it is and, not going to lie, hardcore I feel when I'm using it lol. I like how I can open the terminal up and just start programming and scripting without having to install anything else. It's made for developers to get in and just start developing. Granted it's fine as a desktop/laptop OS as well, depnding on what you're doing... gaming was my biggest problem with it, but it's slowly improving. Don't worry, I'm going to get into using PowerShell as your desktop enviroment lol.

I mostly did this just to see if I could do it... I can, and it works fine. Granted I have a lot of experience with PowerShell, but others that are new to PowerShell can learn PowerShell MUCH better by forcing themselfs to use it as a desktop enviroment. That's how I learned Linux, I would install a distro like Ubuntu and remove X11 and just use command line. Windows out-of-the-box won't be as useful without the GUI; however, it's still useable; you'll have to call some GUI control panel applet from time to time to do something that Linux could easily do in the command line built-in.

<p> The setup actually isn't all that difficult. All you have to do is edit the
  registry. Edit the
  and change explorer.exe to powershell... that's it. :-D</p>

  <p> Now, for launching applications lol, I just made a PowerShell profile and
    started throwing aliases in there. Made an alias for: firefox, outlook and
    a bunch of other things. That way I don't have to type in the full path, I can
    just say firefox and it will launch the application.</p>

    <p> If this doesn't teach you some PowerShell I don't know what will. You
      just need to stay in this enviroment for a while, do searches on how to do
      things... and for switching between applications you just have to alt-tab a lot lol,
      or snap applications. I also put the time in the prompt, although, I'm just going
      to either program a clock application that stays on top, or download one.</p>
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