Finishing up Season 2 of Fair Tail

Finishing up Season 2 of Fair Tail

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So I've been making my way through season 2 of Fairy Tail. The show so far is really good. I mean the main character is never in any real danger, as with most anime, or shows for that matter. But over all the show keeps me entertained. I like the action and comedy in the show. I mean it's no Attack on Titan, but it's a good show nonetheless.

This would be a show that I would recommend to others. Even if you don't like anime shows, it's still a pretty good show, I don't know about it being appropriate for kids, as it has a light about of fan service... a bit titalating. But if you're a mature person and can handle over emphasizing of the boobs then this show will be fine for you.

I haven't written about this show before, I started watching this show before I started this blog, and after I stopped using my old blog. So I might write about it a little more on this site.

But anywho, it's a pretty good show. I'm almost done with season 2 where Natsu just defeated the Daphne and her fake dragon. I don't want to spoil the show, so I won't go into too much detail... although I guess telling you he beat her is kind of spoiling it... even though he's the main character and did you really thing he'd loose???

Anywho, I highly suggest giving the show a try. It starts off a little slow, but it picks up. The seasons are also pretty long, so if you purchase a season then it's going to include a lot of content. Season 2 is 43 episodes long... so yeah, a lot of story.

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