Fix double icons in GNOME on Fedora Linux

Fix double icons in GNOME on Fedora Linux

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So I installed Chrome on my computer, I have just been using Friefox as it works fine for the most part, except I like to run Android apps every once in a while (Linux doesn’t have a good podcast program that I like, so I use an Android podcast app), and Chrome also provides some other useful things.

So I installed it, and of course added it to my favorites. Once I launch it I get two Chrome icons… yeah, removing it and re-adding doesn’t fix it, and it only makes that second icon when you launch the application… so what’s going on?

Well the icon is launching “google-chrome-stable” that’s not what is launched…

So how do you fix this!!! Well, it’s actually pretty easy. You need to modify the google-chrome.desktop file in your /usr/share/applications folder. If you don’t want to share with other users, or you don’t have root access you can also do this to your ~/.local/share/applications folder for just your account… although if there’s one in your /usr/share/applications folder when you search for “Google Chrome” you will get two results, you can fix this by changing the name slightly… it won’t matter, especially if it’s pinned to your favorites.

So this is the before:


Now this is in your file at least 3 times… or at least it was in mine… so if you’re using VI just /Exec to find the next string, if you don’t know how to use vi… learn:

Once you’re done, just :wq

Now you’re not done… now you need to move and move the file back, we want this to happen now. So just:
mv google-chrome.desktop google-chrome
mv google-chrome google-chrome.desktop

Now, if you still have Chrome added to your favorites you need to remove it and then re-add it… after that you should be good… if not you did it wrong ;-D.