SteamOS now filters Linux games with controller play

SteamOS now filters Linux games with controller play

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SteamOS got a nice, and much needed– at least for me– update. They have given us SteamOS users the ability to filter games that run on SteamOS (Linux) and also playable via a controller. This update was rolled out today.

I was greeted with a nice update when arriving home today, I always get excited, I must admit, when seeing an update for any of my devices. I read about this update while I was at work, so I had to get home and install it. I was always annoyed when browsing the games on my Steambox running SteamOS because a lot of the games that I could play on the OS (now at over 1.4k) were harder to find because the Windows and Mac games were mixed in, and the Big Picture mode for Steam doesn’t show the 8k+ games in its library, I’d have to browse for my games on the desktop client and then buy them.

By default– at least on my installation– I only see games that run on SteamOS and have controller support in the store, so it’s now much easier for me to browse the games that are available for me to play; however, when browsing my games that I have purchased I can still see my non-controller based games, but it will give me an icon when I need a keyboard and mouse in order to play the game.

This doesn’t mean you cannot change the filter to view all games, you can change the filter by going to your settings, and at the bottom you will see a new option called Store, and there will be a check box that will allow you to view all games, regardless of setup. As a matter of fact they added a section in your games library called Games I Can Play, and this will show you games you can play with your current configuration e.g. games that run on SteamOS and is playable via a controller, for my configuration.

This is a small update, but a needed update for the interface as people who are not tech savy, or are use to console based UI– which is the whole purpose of the distro– will not want to view a bunch of games they can’t even play. I look forward to more updates like this from Steam in the future.